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Shop the Studio McGee Look

Since Dream Home Makeover launched over on Netflix, people all over the world have been falling in love with Shea and Syd McGee from Studio McGee.

At the moment, Studio McGee do not design homes in the UK and us Brits will have to wait for McGee & Co to ship to the UK. In the meantime, we wanted to help you guys ‘Shop the Studio McGee Look’ and have put together a few collections based on their hit Netflix show.

For the first episode Shea designed a multi-functional space, which included a dining table, office desk and a seating area. The brief was ‘moody and bright’ and it included a dark blue on the walls, not something you often see from Studio McGee. My favourite part was the fireplace. They re-centered it so it lined up with the new dining table and made it a focal point as you entered the room. The previously unused space was completely transformed into a room all the family could enjoy.

Love the space? Here are some UK alternatives to McGee & Co to help you achieve the Studio McGee look from Season One, Episode 1:

Shop the Studio McGee Look:

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If you still are looking for design services like Studio McGee offer, we have a whole range of packages from e-design to full renovation. Take a look at our services page for more info and if you need to chat, drop us an email and we will call you back


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