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Karen Barton-Knott, Interior Designer


Saturday Space is an interior design studio based in Charnwood, on the outskirts of Leicester. We offer a wide range of design services from e-design to full renovations. 

Saturday Space seeks to create an environment fit for living. Our designs are light and airy and somewhere inbetween classic and modern. We don't follow fads or Pantone Colours of the year - as we want your investment in design to last beyond the latest trends.


Whilst Saturday Space are based in the midlands, our interior design projects stretch throughout the UK.

Lead Designer - Karen Barton-Knott


Karen has worked as a journalist and in marketing, but her love and obsession of interiors led her to  retrain as an interior designer.

Aside for her eye for design, Karen is ambitious, approachable and pays great attention to detail.


"I am always interested in new projects, large or small, so feel free to call me for a chat."

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