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How to choose a rug!

Choosing a rug can be really tricky. There are so many things to think about…. Size, shape, durability, pattern, pile etc etc. An interior designer can help you select the correct rug for the space, but if you are going it alone, here are our top tips for getting the size right!

Sitting Rooms

Do NOT (I repeat DO NOT) have a tiny rug floating around in the middle of the room. What is the point? If you are purchasing a rug for a sitting room, it’s always best to have some of the rug underneath the sofa and chairs. This grounds the larger furniture and allows you to feel the benefit of having a rug under your feet.


A rug in a bedroom should either be:

  • A large area rug which runs under ¾ of the bed, with around 30-70cm peeping out at the sides and bottom of the bed

  • A small runner (or even two) at either side of the bed

  • A long rug at the foot of the bed

Kitchens and Dining rooms

Traditionally, no one in their right mind would've had a rug in their dining room, let alone their kitchen! However these spaces have now become the ‘hub’ of the home in more recent years, and rugs have become hard-wearing (and even washable!) So it’s common to find them under tables or running along a kitchen counter – as they really do warm up a space. For both areas, we reccommend a washable rug or an indoor/outdoor rug (which are really hard-wearing). If you are placing a rug under a table, make sure that the rug is large enough to have all four legs of each chair on top of it - otherwise it becomes a trip hazard!

If you are struggling with a space, please get in touch to see if we can help!

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Daphne Sherriff
Daphne Sherriff
Jun 21, 2021


thank you this article, very useful advice.

would you know where the sofa is from in the sitting room picture?


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