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How do interior designers charge?

Before we delve into this, most (good) designers will actually save their clients money. Discounts passed to clients often outweigh the design fees.

Different interior designers calculate their costs differently, which can make it difficult to choose. Some may seem more affordable at first glance but there can be hidden costs that come up later in the project.

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Interior Designers charging an hourly rate:

Often, interior designers charge an hourly rate, based on their expenses, their experience, and local pricing. An hourly rate can range from £25 to £200 an hour, depending on how much experience they have and where they are located in the UK.

Fixed Fees

Another pricing model that is growing in popularity is a fixed-fee quote for your whole project, which means the amount you pay will depend on what's included in the service.

We offer a range of services that can also include project management, installation and styling. Other services offer packages specific to a certain need like a colour consultancy or designing one room.

The benefit for you as the customer is that you know exactly what you're getting from day one. This has been something we've found very important at Saturday Space - transparent pricing with no hidden costs later on down the line. Sometimes, other interior designers may use a combination of fixed and hourly rates if the project exceeds its initial scope.

Percentage of a Renovation

Another way some designers charge is a percentage of the entire renovation. This method can be anywhere from 5-10%.

However, some clients worry that this fee structure could lead a designer to convince them to spend more than they would have otherwise.

At Saturday Space, we offer transparent pricing starting at £495 per room. Get an estimate of your room design costs by checking our our current rate card


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