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Five of the best white paints

White Paint? Boring I hear you say? Well, I hate to say it, but I disagree – I love white paint! I believe it creates a clean blank canvas for every space. Painting a room white can make it feel open, clean, spacious, quiet, or simple and it can highlight period features or architecture.

If you have ever bought sample pots of white paint, you will know that they vary massively. It can be a very overwhelming task as there are so many whites to choose from. Most have undertones of other colours in them, so what you may think is a pure white, could have a blue or grey undertone once you apply it to your walls.

Here at Saturday Space, we have curated a list of our favourite white paints. We do however, recommend you try out tester pots in your own home, as paints can look very different depending on the size, aspect and amount of natural light in your room.

This is our all-time favourite white - it goes with everything! It’s a pale chalk colour - not too stark and yet not too warm either. If you are looking for an all-rounder – this is it! There are also lighter and darker versions (Slaked Lime Pale and Slaked Lime Dark)

Named after the market town in Dorset, Wimborne White is just one shade down from pure white. It has a tiny amount of yellow pigment, to make it a softer shade.

3. Strong White by Farrow and Ball This has a slight soft grey undertone and is great option for south facing rooms. It works well when paired with Skimming Stone, Elephant’s Breath or All White (all by Farrow and Ball).

A stunning, off white with a very soft umber giving a light, warm undertone.

A classic white. Not too bright, with soft grey undertones.

Once you have purchased a sample pot, we reccommend that you paint a sheet of A4 paper and use masking tape to attach to the wall. This way, you can move it around the room and see how the light affects the colour throughout the day. In North facing rooms, the light is often darker and weaker, so warm whites will work best. South facing rooms are much lighter so any true white can work in the space.

If you have any questions about your paint selections, drop us a DM on Instagram, or email us on


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