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Do I need an Architect or an Interior Designer? (or both?!)

When it comes to renovations, this is a very common question homeowners face. Aside from a builder, what experts to I need?

Firstly let me dig in to the role of an Architect and why they are often (although not always) needed in a renovation.

So Architects design and create plans to guide the construction of new buildings and extensions. Architects are contracted by the homeowner to create floorplans and elevations for the planning team at the local council to approve (or if you are unlucky refuse). Architects train for around 7 years before becoming fully qualified and are members of a body called RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). They follow a set number of stages when designing a home or redesigning a space within a dwelling.

However it is important to know that homeowners don’t always need an architect to design a space. There are also professional ‘draughtsman’ (or draftsmen) who can also create the drawings and blueprints for construction projects. Draughtsmen tend draw up what the client requests, leaving the larger, more creative projects to Architects. Although this is not always the case (I know very creative draughtsmen and draughtswomen!)

Interior Designers focus on the internal space, although we can (and often want to!) advise on certain exterior finishes. We look at spacial planning, window treatments, storage solutions, flooring, lighting, fixtures & fittings and of course furniture and accessories.

Often designers are overlooked or are brought in as an after-thought, when the builders have gone and the dust has settled… but we are most valuable at the very beginning.

Whilst your architect and builder are thinking of the external look of the building and whether it is suitable for the local area….We look at the flow of the rooms, where your storage is going to go, the amount of natural light you have available and things like will a three seater sofa fit in this new space..!

I always recommend speaking with a designer at the very start of the project – even if it’s just on a consultation basis. It’s much easier to amend plans at this stage before they go to the planning office.

If you are really unsure on your plans and want to chat through your ideas… we are always happy to help. Just email Karen on


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